Packaging Testing


     Haida Equipment focus on the extensive range of testing machine for the packaging industry. Aims to provide the quality control and test for the packaging material, such as cartons, boxes, and etc. That is also a importance for the testing on package transit area. During the transportation process, a stable and firm package material is responsible to protect the inside contents. Consequently, quality test for the packaging material must be a strong necessity for the supply chain.

     In the meantime, for a product, the package appearance can cause the direct influence on the first impression by customer. Therefore, the quality control and improvement cause a critical effect on some brand package design and customize.

     Generally speaking, testing machine is a important role on the package industry, so our Haida Equipment committed to the development and manufacture on the package test machine with professional and enthusiasm. So, Haida has the following test machine to perform the quality test for the package material.