Small Carton, Big Energy

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Small Carton, Big Energy

In this era covered by the Internet and APPs, you can live as usual without leaving your home. There are takeaway software if you are hungry, and shopping software if you are short of it. Every year, 6.18, Double 11, Double 12 and various holidays are our shopping. time, payment and then waiting for the package, I want to indicate that the purse has lost a full circle. The package at home is almost a mountain.



Did you receive a package like this...

A good shopping experience is not only the moment of purchase and payment, but the most exciting moment is opening the box. What if the package is damaged?

The first step is to take a picture first;

The second step is to open the box to check whether the appearance of the goods is scratched;

In the third step, if it is an electronic appliance, it must be powered on and tested to avoid damage to the inner screen.

How can businesses avoid these risks? First of all, when choosing paper packaging materials, you must choose a manufacturer with a compression coefficient, a burst coefficient, or a product that has undergone performance testing.

Let me introduce the three test levels that the carton has to go through.

1. Definition of Bursting Strength:

Bursting strength refers to the uniformly increased maximum pressure perpendicular to the surface of the sample that paper or cardboard can withstand per unit area under experimental conditions. Bursting strength reflects the ability of the carton to withstand handling, loading and unloading, impact and tearing forces during the circulation process, and is one of the evaluation methods for the comprehensive performance of the carton. In addition, different regions and different carton factories have different names for burst strength. In addition to burst strength, there are also burst strength and burst strength. In some places, burst strength is commonly known as "pounding".


2. the definition of edge compression strength:

The edge compression strength is the pressure that a sample of a certain width can withstand on a unit length, and it refers to the ability to withstand the pressure parallel to the corrugated direction. The edge compressive strength is one of the important factors affecting the compressive strength of the carton. It is the main quality control item in the production process of corrugated cardboard. The compressive strength of the carton can be predicted by the edge compressive strength, so this indicator has received much attention. Edge compressive strength is expressed in N/m


3. Definition of compressive strength of cartons:

The compressive strength of the carton refers to the maximum load and deformation of the box when the dynamic pressure is evenly applied by the pressure testing machine.


Calculation formula of compressive strength

The edge compression strength and thickness of corrugated cardboard are used as the parameters of corrugated cardboard, and the perimeter, aspect ratio and height of the box are calculated as the factors of the sign structure.

Markey's formula is:


B represents the compression resistance of the carton, in N;

5.874 is the coefficient;

E represents the edge compressive strength of the cardboard, in N/m;

T represents the thickness of the cardboard, in m;

C represents the perimeter of the carton, in m;

Note: In terms of compressive strength calculation, this formula is not the only one, there are many other formula methods, among which the most widely used are the Markey formula and Calicart formula, which are based on the 0201 box type. Multiply by the corresponding coefficient.

Every small carton has a lot of energy, helping the product resist all the damage during the logistics and transportation.



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