About the principle of carton compressive strength test

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About the principle of carton compressive strength test

About the principle of carton compressive strength test

    From the structure of conventional cartons, corrugated cartons usually have three layers, five layers, and seven layers.

    From the structure of the cardboard, it is divided into the outermost layer called facial paper, the wave-shaped one called corrugated paper, the middle layer is called core paper, and the innermost layer is called inner paper.

    From the material point of view, the inner paper and facial paper generally include ordinary tea board paper, ordinary kraft paper, imported K paper, domestic K paper, Haiwang, Hengfeng and other papers. The core paper and corrugated paper generally use tea board paper, and various types of facial paper. The color and feel are very different. The national standard for corrugated boxes is GB6543-86 "corrugated boxes".

     Several types of cartons commonly used in the market are: counterpart cartons, double-cover cartons, heaven and earth cartons, single-cover cartons, and their sealing methods are different.

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      If you want to produce qualified corrugated carton products, you must conduct various tests on all aspects of the carton performance and materials. Among them, we focus on the principle of carton compressive strength test. The compressive strength of carton is divided into effective value and final value. During the compression test, the force value sometimes changes from slow to fast directly to the collapse point, and some gradually increase to the collapse point. In the long-term compression test, we found that the change of the force value sometimes has a certain buffer: that is, when the force value and the deformation amount increase to a certain extent, the force value stops and the deformation amount continues to increase, after a period of time, the force value continues Increase until the collapse point of the carton.

     We can call the force value before buffering the effective force value, and the deformation before buffering as the effective deformation. After buffering, although the force value can continue to increase, the carton has begun to deform and cannot meet the requirements of use. Therefore, the standard for judging the compressive strength of the carton should be the effective force value during the compressive test.


      The carton compression tester produced by Haida International Equipment is a test instrument for testing the compression strength of cartons or other packaging containers. It is used to determine the compression resistance of cartons and can be used for pressure stacking tests. The test results can be As an important reference for the height of the factory stacking finished packaging boxes or an important basis for the design of packaging boxes. Haida International's equipment testing equipment has various types and complete functions. It has 13 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, and the quality is guaranteed.



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