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Introduction to production process
Haida has a complete production process, starting from receiving the order, going through a series of production, processing, testing, and inspection, and finally transporting the product to the customer to complete the order in the shortest cycle. products or your services.
Production radiation scale
The group has a total area of 60,000 square meters and has 4 independent instrument production plants. It has 15 branches in the five regions of South China, North China, East China, Central China and Northwest China. There are more than 20 overseas service outlets, covering Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and In the Middle East, it has provided first-class services to more than 28,000 customers worldwide.
Order Review​​​​​​​
After receiving the order, the production department will coordinate with each department to hold a review meeting within 3 days to confirm product parameters, prevent and formulate solutions, and determine the completion date.
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Production Process​​​​​​​
Material Paterial Processing And Parts Assembly 
control from the source, strictly control the entry of defective products into the material warehouse, and assemble the machine in strict accordance with the principle of high requirements and high standards.
Transportation And After-sales Service
The combination of equipment repair and maintenance is mainly based on these steps. The first is to install and debug the product, the second is technical guidance, the third is the supply of spare parts, and the fourth is regular maintenance. The fifth is regular return visits, and the last step is to collect questions.
      Machine Calibration And          Warehousing:

  After the instrument is assembled, the quality personnel will inspect it, and the unqualified products will be re-produced, and the qualified products will be put into the warehouse for processing.

Factory Inspection And Packaging
In order to control the quality of the products, it is necessary to carry out factory inspections, and no defective products are allowed to go out of the warehouse; the next step is packaging to prevent damage during transportation.



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