How to know the burst strength of paper materials?

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How to know the burst strength of paper materials?

Paper and cardboard are one of the important packaging materials in the packaging industry. In terms of paper quality, there is a trend towards low basis weight and high strength. Reducing the unit weight of paper can save the consumption of pulp, achieve the purpose of energy saving, and reduce transportation costs at the same time. In the end, it will create more profit space for papermaking enterprises and users. But in fact, there are many problems with the strength exposed by paper during use, the most important of which is the crack resistance of paper and cardboard.


The automatic burst strength tester produced by our company is a device for testing the strength properties of paper and cardboard. It is mainly suitable for testing all kinds of cardboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated cardboard. It can also be used for anti-fracture properties of non-paper materials such as silk and cotton.


Bursting strength refers to the uniform increase in the maximum pressure perpendicular to the surface of the sample that the paper and cardboard can withstand per unit area. It reflects the comprehensive damage resistance of paper and paper. It belongs to static strength and reflects the circulation of cartons. Ability to withstand handling, handling, impact and tearing forces during transportation. Bursting strength is one of the most important physical performance indicators of paper and cardboard during use, and has a great influence on the perforation strength and edge compressive strength of paper and cardboard to a certain extent. Therefore, the burst strength plays a decisive role in the evaluation of the varieties and grades of paper and cardboard. In today's "quality is the life of an enterprise, the soul and core competitiveness of enterprise development", all paper companies need a set of anti-knock strength testing instruments, and test products according to standard anti-knock strength testing methods to control Good quality level. This is beneficial to papermaking enterprises and users, achieving a "win-win" effect and jointly promoting the development of the papermaking industry.



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