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LCD Displayed ISO Whiteness Meter For Paper Testing Machine

Resolution: 0.1
Diameter of measuring hole: 30mm
Aberration:  ±2.5
Zero drift: ≤0.2/10min
Stability of the Value: ≤0.3/3min
Repetitiveness: ≤0.3
Condition: 45/0
Light source 12V/30W 
  • HD-A822
  • Haida
LCD Displayed ISO Whiteness Meter For Paper Testing Machine
Digital whiteness meter is used to test the whiteness of no-color substance with flat surface or powder. And this type paper testing mahine can gain a coherent whiteness with sensation correctly. and It can also reflect the whiteness value after fluorescent brightening finished quantitatively, toward fluorescent brighten substance. It can also measure the transparent property of the paper.
It is widely used in whiteness measurement of textile dye, paint, chemical & building material, paper, plastic products, white cement, ceramics, talc powder, flour, salt, detergent, cosmetics.

1. Design by CAD computer assistance makes the appearance more reasonable and perfect.
2. Adoption of high efficiency, low loss switch power makes it more reliable.
3. Imported high quality parts make work more stable and life more durable.
4. Simple optical design makes usage and maintenance briefer.
5. Correctional color filter system can reflect the whiteness value quantitatively after fluorescent brightening. 
6. Reasonable design of the sample table and movable platform can avoid light leakage at the measuring orifice.
7. Easy operation can measure the transparent property of the paper

LCD Displayed ISO Whiteness Meter For Paper Testing Instrument

Specification (tab. 1)

Model HD-A822
Resolution 0.1
Diameter of measuring hole 30mm
Aberration  ±2.5
Zero drift ≤0.2/10min
Stability of the Value ≤0.3/3min
Repetitiveness ≤0.3
Condition 45/0
Light source 12V/30W 
Whiteness formula whiteness of blue light WB=R457 
Temperature +5℃~+35℃
Relative Humidity ﹤85%RH
AC Supply 220V±10%  50HZ±1HZ
Power less than 30W 
Weight 7KG
Volume 260×302×208(mm)

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