The importance of carton compression testing machine

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The importance of carton compression testing machine

       Carton compression testing machine, also known carton pressure testing machine, compressive strength test machine, carton compression testing machine, the stacking test machine, carton packaging weight testing machine, testing machine FCL collapsed.
       With the development of industrial progress, as the corrugated packaging materials market has been fairly widely used. Corrugated box industry due to the lower threshold, highly competitive. Users in the use of carton boxes exposed in the process of more or less quality problems, such as post-carton stacking cross collapse, rupture, and so a lot of negative impact. Therefore, more and more users aware of carton packaging to protect the product image and product promotion double meaning.
      The original intention of the design of the carton compression testing machine to test the compressive strength of the carton, the carton strong enough to prevent road use organic products in the handling, stacking, storage, during shipping deformation, damage, adverse phenomenon, test the cartons or other containers compressive strength of the most direct test equipment for determining cartons bearing material and stacking height. Carton compression testing machine paper carton industry has been essential testing equipment.
       Under test conditions and the efficiency of restrictions and requirements, most of carton manufacturers typically test at normal temperature and humidity conditions for anti-stress, and directly to the product meets the requirements to be assessed. In fact, this way there is a big miscalculation risk assessment, often misleading assessment of supply-side of the carton or cartons Cross lead to the collapse caused losses.



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