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Charpy and Izod Impact Tester

Charpy & Izod Impact Tester used for impact toughness determination of rigid plastics, enhanced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast stone, insulation material and other non-metal materials.
  • HD-R802


Charpy & Izod Impact Tester

The usage

     Charpy & Izod Impact Tester used for impact toughness determination of rigid plastics, enhanced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast stone, insulation material and other non-metal materials.Chary & Izod Impact Tester is the ideal test equipment of chemical industrial, R&D institution, universities and colleges, quality testing department and professional manufacturer laboratory.

Test method:

  • Test 1: ISO 179- Charpy impact test

  • Test 2: ISO 180–Izod impact test

Testing Machine Specification:

Capacity 7.5, 15, 25, 50J 1, 2.75, 5.5, 11, 22J
Impact velocity 3.8 m/s 3.5 m/s
Test angle 160° 160°
Impact blade angle 30°±l° 75°±l°
Distance between jaw and support line 40 mm,62mm, 70 mm,95mm Wedge jaw, general type
Blade filleted radius R=2±0.5mm R=0.8mm±0.2mm
Jaw radius R=1±0.1mm R=1±0.1mm
Design standard ISO 179 ISO 180
Display LCD Touch Screen
Weight 120KG
Dimension 550mm×350mm×850mm
Power AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz, single phase

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