Maintenance Of Incline Impact Tester

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Maintenance Of Incline Impact Tester 

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The Incline impact tester simulates the ability of the product packaging to resist impact damage in the actual environment, such as handling, stacking of shelves, slipping of motor, loading and unloading of locomotives, transportation of products and so on. After the user bought the bevel impact tester, how to maintain and delay the life of the instrument? Haida Instrument to introduce the slope impact testing machine maintenance measures.

1. Incline impact tester maintenance follow the regular maintenance, mandatory, the correct handling of the use, maintenance and repair of the relationship, do not allow only to use, only repair does not raise;

2. Maintenance personnel and maintenance Department should do regular learning, often protection, and constantly summarize the maintenance experience, improve the quality of maintenance;

3. Incline impact tester maintenance adhere to the promotion of "clean, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, anti-corrosion" as the main content of the principle of maintenance law, the implementation of routine maintenance and regular maintenance system, in strict accordance with the instructions specified in the Cycle and inspection and maintenance projects.

4. Incline impact tester Routine maintenance is in the mechanical operation before and after the cleaning and inspection process, mainly to check the key, vulnerable parts of the situation, coolant, lubricants, fuel quantity, instrumentation instructions. Routine maintenance by the operator to complete, and earnestly fill in the "Mechanical routine maintenance record."

5. A-level maintenance: general cleaning, fastening and lubrication operations, and part of the adjustment operation, maintenance of mechanical integrity technical status. The use of unit assets management personnel according to the maintenance plan issued "mechanical equipment maintenance, lubrication Notice" issued to the Operation team, by the operator himself, the operation of the squad monitor supervision.

6. Second-level maintenance: including a-level maintenance of all content to check, adjust as the center, maintain the machinery of the assembly, mechanism, parts have good performance. By the use of unit assets management personnel issued "mechanical equipment maintenance, lubrication Notice" issued to the operation team, mainly by the operator himself, the operator I completed the difficulties, can entrust the repair department, the use of unit asset managers, operating class monitor inspection supervision.

7. Seasonal maintenance: The main content is to replace the applicable season of lubricating oil, fuel, take antifreeze measures, increase antifreeze facilities. By the use of department organization arrangements, Operation Monitor inspection, supervision.

8. Running-in Period Maintenance: The new machine and overhaul completion of machinery must be carried out after the end of the period of maintenance, the main content is cleaning, fastening, adjustment and replacement of lubricants, by the use of the Department, Asset Management inspection, Asset Management department supervision.

9. Incline impact tester transfer maintenance: Mechanical transfer site before, should carry out the maintenance, the contents of the work can be based on the technical status of mechanical maintenance, if necessary, can be anti-corrosion. The transfer maintenance shall be carried out by the organization of the mechanical removal Unit, the project department, the asset manager inspection and the asset Management department.

10. Parking Maintenance: Incline impact tester stop and seal machinery should be maintained, mainly cleaning, anti-corrosion, moisture and so on. The inventory machinery is entrusted by the Asset Management department, and the remaining machinery is maintained by the use department.

Incline impact tester can be long and long-term normal operation, depending on the maintenance of equipment at ordinary times. The normal operation of the equipment can guarantee the correctness of the test data and guarantee the quality of the products.



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