Impact Factors Of Drop Test - Summed Up By Drop Test Machine Engineer

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Impact Factors Of Drop Test

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There are many factors affecting the drop test, such as test criteria, number of tests, sample placement, etc.

1. Selection of test standards - impact factors of drop test

For quality less than 68kg (150lbs).) The Corrugated box small transport package drop test standard choice, published in May 2012, "printing technology-packaging and Decorating Printing" magazine published, such as "The analysis of small transport package drop test Standards" is described in detail in the article, which can be used for reference.

For corrugated box large-scale transport packaging, you can choose large-scale transport package test method" and ASTM D6179-07 "large-scale transport packaging standard test method of rough handling" provisions.

The requirements of each test standard are slightly different, and different test criteria should be chosen according to the actual transportation link and the test purpose. The standard of GB/t 5398-99 specifies the drop test method for the surface, edge and angle of large transport package. The ASTM D6179-07 standard not only stipulates the drop test method of the surface, edge and angle of the large transport package, but also stipulates the condition of the sample after the test. For example, if the sample is allowed to overturn, there is no need to take precautions against the sample. In the course of the test, if the test sample is inverted, the tilting test is carried out. If the test sample is not allowed to overturn or not to do so, it is necessary to take protective measures, only the part of the sample required to drop test, do not allow the sample to overturn.

2. Number of test samples - impact factors of drop test

In the Corrugated box transport package drop test standard, the number of test samples is not clearly defined, generally choose a test sample; in the Ista standard, the test sample can be 5 or more; In some enterprise standards, the number of test samples is 4. The number of test samples is a key factor for the reliability of the test results. For example, the home appliance product Falls The test, the suggestion sample number is 4, this can make this batch of product control in certain safety level, in order to achieve the control transport packing piece quality goal.

3. Test sample Direction Marking method - impact factors of drop test

The main purpose of the test sample direction is to clear the parts of the package during the testing process in order to accurately express the location of the test. In addition to the drop site and the drop method unrelated to the test, you need to choose the correct marking method.

(1) Placement mode

Transport packages are placed in two ways: In accordance with the status of transportation and in the most stable position. According to the requirements of most of the standards, placing in the most stable state is the requirement of some actual logistics data collection research standards.

(2) Marking method

① when there is a manufacturer's connector or seam on the transport package, one of the seams shall be vertically marked on the right side of the person. The face of the marked personnel is 5 face, the top surface is 1, the clockwise direction is marked 2, 3 and 4 sides, 5 sides of the opposite side of 6.

② when there are no manufacturer connectors or seams on the transport package, the minimum one end face of the test sample is 5, the top surface is 1, the clockwise direction is respectively labeled 2, 3 and 4, and 5 faces opposite 6 sides.

③ for the printed graphics and text of the packaging package, you can test samples before or the most dangerous surface is defined as 5, the top is 1, according to the clockwise direction respectively, 2, 3 and 4 face, 5 sides of the opposite side of 6.

④ according to the actual demand, can make the new marking method, as long as the convenience enterprise or the test personnel's use and the understanding.

4. Choice of Height drop - impact factors of drop test

Drop height is one of the key parameters in the drop test of corrugated box transport package, and the choice of drop height will directly affect whether the sample can pass the drop test. Drop height is mainly based on the transport package quality, transport logistics system, corrugated box transport package type of these 3 cases, to choose a different drop height.

Corrugated box Small transport packaging parts drop height can be selected according to some criteria, as shown in table.

Corrugated Box Large transport package drop height can be selected according to some standards, as shown in table 4. Corrugated box Large transport packaging parts rotating surface, edge, angle drop test of the height of the general selection is 200mm (8inch).

5. Drop position and number of drops - impact factors of drop test

In the drop test, the drop and drop times of the test sample need to be specified in detail, and it is one of the key factors for the effective drop test to choose the correct drop position.

(1) Corrugated box small transport packaging parts drop and fall of the number of times generally use the following principles.

① "1 Angle 3 ribs 6 sides", each part falls 1 times.

② Special provisions of the corner, Edge and face, the general choice of transport packaging parts more vulnerable parts or prone to fall, each part of the Fall 1 times.

③ according to the data acquisition results, the specific drop parts and the specific drop times of the transport package are specified, such as the relevant regulations of the drop test in standard Ista 3 A and Ista 3 B.

(2) Corrugated box large-scale transport packaging parts of the drop is mainly aimed at the bottom of the package, 4 bottom ribs and 4 corners, the number of drops each part of the Fall 1 times. According to the requirements of different standards, the corresponding parts and times of the drop test.

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