What are the conditions of the incline impact test

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What are the conditions of the incline impact test


 incline impact test

Incline Impact test Process:

Prepare the same or similar analog device as the test sample. The extrusion force produced by the check-back load device on the test specimen during impact. To simulate the loading of the rear part of the package in a transport vehicle. A device for controlling impulse pulse parameters (such as pulse waveform, peak acceleration, duration, etc.) produced by an incline impact tester.


Conditions for impact testing:

First, the impact table:

1. The impact table should be flat, with sufficient size to meet the requirements for placing the test specimen and the check-back load reduction device (see Appendix A).

2. The incline table should have a clapboard, the clapboard and Mesa perpendicular. And there is a certain strength and stiffness, in the test table and clapboard to maintain rigidity.

3. The surface of the clapboard contact with the test sample should be formed and its size should be larger than the size of the incline impact part of the test sample.

4. Trolley should be fitted with steel wheels, its diameter is not less than 75 mm, the steel wheel should be kept clean and rolling well.

5. The trolley shall be fitted with an automatic release device and be used in conjunction with the traction mechanism so that the trolley can be released anywhere on the slant.

6. Take appropriate measures (such as a certain amount of friction between the test specimen and the countertop), so that the test sample and the trolley are not relatively moving in the process of moving from static to impact. But in the impact, the test sample relative to the trolley should be able to move freely.


Second,the Impact Surface:

1. The impact surface should be located at the lowest end of the orbit, and its impact surfaces are 90°±1°.

2. The impact surface should be flat and have enough hardness, on the surface of any one square centimeter of the area to withstand 1568N (160KGF) load, deformation should not be 0.25mm.

3. The structure of the fixed impact surface should be of sufficient strength, the impact must not have obvious displacement.

4. The fixed impact surface of the structure should be installed brake devices to prevent two times the impact of vehicles.



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