what is the box compression testing machine

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What Is The Box Compression Testing Machine?

Carton compression testing machine is a professional testing machine for testing the compressive properties of cartons, suitable for corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packaging parts of the pressure, deformation, stacking test. And take into account the plastic drum (edible oil, mineral water), paper drums, cartons, paper cans, container containers (IBC barrels) and other containers of compression test.

box compression testing machine

Box copmression tester of operating mode:

1. Compressive strength test for a variety of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packages when crushing the maximum force.

2. Stacking strength test for a variety of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packages of the stacking test

Pressure compliance test for a variety of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packaging standards test

Detection significance.

3. Good compression performance can ensure that the contents of the transport, storage process is not damaged; also can be based on the contents of the different, to guide the production of packaging manufacturers can be used for food packaging QS certification with professional equipment

 box compression tester

Compressive test

The compressive strength of the carton is divided into the effective and final values. Compression test force value of the change is sometimes from slow to fast directly to the collapse point, and some are gradually added to the collapse point. In the long-term compression test, we found that the change in force values sometimes have a certain buffer: that is, when the force value and deformation increased to a certain extent, the force value stops and the deformation continues to increase, after a period of time, the force value continues Increase, until the carton collapse point. We can put the buffer before the force value is called the effective value, the amount of deformation before the buffer is called the effective deformation. After the buffer, although the force value can continue to increase, but the carton has begun to deformation, can not meet the requirements, so determine the quality of the carton compressive strength should be the effective value of the compression test.

Box compression testing machine of working principle:

Box compression testing machine adopts servo motor to drag the transmission system, through the ball screw pressure operation, high precision force sensor accurately reflects the load condition of the specimen, microcomputer system acquisition and processing test parameters, output display test results.


Box compression testing machine of test standards:

ISO 12048, GB / T 16491, GB / T 4857.4, ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, JIS Z0212

Box compression testing machine of standard Features:




Max. Force

5000 kg (50KN) (can be customized)

Load cell

1 load cell for highest accuracy 

Control system

Windows 7, RS-232 interface


Panasonic servo motor w/ DC variable speed drive system, high-precision mechanical ball screw rod

Force reading 

kgf, Ibf, N, KN, T etc

Load cell Resolution


Load Precision

within ±0.25%

Parallelism of Platens 

Parallel within ±2.5mm

Effective test area

1300×1500×1300mm (can be customized)

Test speed

10 ±3mm/min (0.01~200mm/min adjustable)


TM 2101

Data display

Load, displacement, speed, loading rate and elapsed time

Safety features


Over-load protection

Upper and lower limit switches

Load sensor with automatic retreat 

Box compression testing machine of operation precautions:

● Power supply

For the power supply of this equipment, please note the following.

※ In principle, the power distribution method uses three-phase 380V power supply.

※ For power supply and power supply engineering, please consult with electrical engineer or person with the same knowledge.

● Power cord

Be sure to use the power cord supplied with the device. If you have any abnormality in the power cord and the power plug, please contact us. With the company's staff to replace or guide the replacement.

● Fuse

In order to prevent fire and internal circuit damage, please do not use the provisions of the fuse. When replacing the fuse, use the same type and shape as the original device.

● Special warning: Warning should pay attention to the implementation of the application, or conditions are very high risk, may lead to injury or even death.

In order to prevent accidental injury or death, when moving and using the equipment, be sure to observe clearly before proceeding.

If want to know more informations about the box compression testing machines;please contacts us :papertest@qc-test.com 



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