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  • 12-13
    What items need to be tested for cartons?
    What items need to be tested for cartons?With its characteristics and environmental advantages, carton is widely used as the outer packaging of dry goods, and plays an important role in the transportation, storage and sales of goods. As the use of cartons becomes more and more widespread, it is more Read More »
  • 12-07
    Children's picture books can't be bought casually
    Picture books refer to a type of books that focus on painting and have few texts attached. Picture books are not only for telling stories and learning knowledge, but also to help children construct their spiritual world and cultivate multiple intelligences.In order to attract children's interest in Read More »
  • 11-11
    The Singles' Day and "Double 11"
    Singles' Day is an entertaining festival popular among young people to celebrate that they are still single ("single" means "single"). November 11, Singles Day, originated from the fact that there are four Arabic numerals "1" in the date of this day, which are shaped like four smooth sticks.And sing Read More »
  • 09-29
    What are the items to be tested for packaging materials?
    Packaging material testing itemsPackaging materials and product testing can be divided into the following parts according to the type of material:Paper product packaging material testingTesting of paper materials and products such as paper and cardboard. Paper materials and products are the most wid Read More »
  • 09-23
    How many samples do I need for the ISTA test?
    In most cases, ISTA procedures and projects require at least one product package test, but a single "pass" cannot provide reliable confidence for other seemingly identical product packages to pass. This is due to packaging materials, packaging components, and packaging. Read More »
  • 09-14
    WHO: The new coronavirus dies on paper products within 3 hours at the fastest
    WHO researchers claim that the virus on paper products will die within 3 hours. Read More »
  • 08-31
    Have the clothes you wear been tested for quality?
    Have the clothes you wear been tested for quality?Textiles occupy a pivotal position in people's daily lives. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and health of consumers, in addition to the comfort, safety and functionality of finished products, consumers have also begun to put Read More »
  • 08-24
    Tensile strength test of universal testing machine
    The universal testing machine has a wide range of test items. The main test items are: tensile stress, tensile strength, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation, breaking strength, elongation after fracture, yield strength, elongation at yield point , Yield point tensile stress, tear Read More »
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