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  • 12-31
    New Year's Day
    In 1911, the Revolution of 1911 led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the rule of the Qing Dynasty and established the Republic of China. In order to "travel Xiazheng, so follow the agricultural period, from the Western calendar, so the statistics", the first year of the Republic of China decided to use the Read More »
  • 12-24
    Why do Chinese people like to spend Christmas?
    Chinese people also celebrate Christmas. There are too many traditional Chinese festival etiquette, a little serious, and young people pursue a fast-paced and casual life. For young people who admire individuality and pursue fashion, foreign festivals are more able to promote a free mood.The vigorou Read More »
  • 12-23
    The origin of Christmas Eve
    The origin of Christmas EveChristmas Eve is Christmas Eve. It is part of Christmas in most Christian countries, but now, due to the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, it has become a worldwide holiday. Christmas Eve is Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve is December 25, Christmas Eve is the night Read More »
  • 12-21
    winter solstice
    The winter solstice, as an important node of China's twenty-four solar terms, is the day with the shortest day and the longest night in the area north of the earth's equator. The winter solstice is the extreme south of the sun. On this day, the height of the sun is the smallest in the northern hemis Read More »
  • 11-29
    Learn fire protection knowledge in Haida
    In order to effectively strengthen the company's fire safety management and further enhance the fire safety awareness of employees, Haida Instruments specially invited Mr. Liu, the person in charge of fire safety in Tianan Digital City, to popularize fire safety with the theme of "cherish life and s Read More »
  • 11-25
    Heal The World
    Heal The World"Heal The World" is a masterpiece of the pop king Michael Jackson. When the familiar melody sounded, countless people's memories of the times were all recalled.We are not growing old alone, but slowly growing old with our respective worlds. Happiness is to leave before the inextricable Read More »
  • 11-09
    The enlightenment of EDG's championship to Haida International Equipment
    On November 7th, Beijing time, EDG brought the expectations of all Chinese League of Legends players. After 5 hours of continuous fierce battle, DK finally defeated DK 3:2 and won the championship of the 2021 League of Legends Global Finals!In China, many "player fans" celebrate in their special way Read More »
  • 06-30
    Haida international equipment
    Looking back to the past, looking to the futureTime flies, like a white horse passing through a gap, we have experienced a lot and gained a lot on the way the Haida people are forging ahead.One year has passed since Haida’s headquarters moved to Tian’an Digital City in June 2020. Let’s review our ga Read More »
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