The Corrugated Box for Transport Packaging Needs to Detect which Technical Indicators

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Process from corrugated base paper to go through a series of corrugated carton, corrugated base paper through corrugated roller rolling corrugated, then with in the paper, in the paper, paper (double corrugated board and three corrugated board) after bonding, molding made of corrugated cardboard, corrugated board and then through a series of process such as printing, slitting, die-cutting finally processed into corrugated carton.The processing of corrugated box is shown in the following figure.It is divided into three parts: base paper, corrugated board and corrugated carton.The Corrugated Box for Transport Packaging.


Part one: Original Paper

The base paper includes corrugated base paper, box board and medium paper (core paper).The standard of corrugated paper products is GB/T 13023-2008 "corrugated core (original) paper". The standard of products for box cardboard is GB/T 13024-2016 "box cardboard". There is no national standard for medium paper.Test items and corresponding test method standards specified in product standards:

Corrugated Base Paper (GB/ t13023-2008)

The detection items of corrugated base paper include: quantitative, compactness, transverse ring pressure index, flat pressure index a, longitudinal crack length, water absorption and cosignmer water, which the flat pressure index is not mandatory.

1. Quantitative

The measurement is carried out in accordance with GB/T 451.2.Quantification is the grams per unit area, expressed as g/m2.

2. Compactness

The measurement shall be carried out in accordance with GB/T 451.3.The compactness is equal to the quantity divided by the thickness in terms of g over cm3.

3. Horizontal Ring Crush Index

According to GB/T 2679.8.The horizontal ring pressure index is equal to the ring pressure strength divided by the quantitative value, expressed as N.m/g.

4. Flat Crush Index

The measurement was carried out in accordance with GB/T 2679.6, and the compression test was carried out after 30 minutes of treatment under GB/T10739 after the initial stage.The flattening index is equal to the compressive strength divided by the quantitative value, expressed as N.m2/g.

5. Length of Longitudinal Fracture

The measurement was carried out in accordance with GB/T 12914 and the constant speed drawing method was adopted.

6. Hygroscopicity

The measurement was conducted according to GB/T 1540, and the water absorption time was 1min.

7. Cosignmer Water

The measurement was carried out in accordance with GB/T 462 and the oven method was adopted.

Carton Board (GB/T13024-2016)

The detection items of the carton board include: quantification, banner quantification difference, tightness, transverse ring pressure index, breaking index, folding tolerance (transverse), absorbability (positive/negative) and delivery moisture, smoothness (front) and transverse short range compression index.Among them, the transverse short compression index is mandatory, quantitative, compactness, cross - line ring pressure index, water absorption and delivery water with corrugated base paper, which will not be described here.

1. Banner Quantitative Difference

The measurement is carried out in accordance with GB/T 451.2.The quantitative difference of the banner is defined as the quantitative difference of the absolute banner and the quantitative difference of the relative banner. It is generally expressed as the quantitative difference of the absolute banner, that is, the maximum minus the minimum value of the quantitative, and is expressed as g/m2.

2. Bursting Index

Measured at GB/T 454 or GB/T 1539.The quantity of products less than 160g/m2 is determined according to GB/T 454, and the quantity of products greater than or equal to 160g/m2 is determined according to GB/T 1539.

3. Folding Resistance (Transverse)

According to the MIT method in GB/T 457-2008, the initial tension was 9.8n.

4. Smoothness

Measured in GB/T 456, Bekkmethod was adopted.

5. Horizontal Short Range Compression Index

According to the measurement of GB/T 2679.10, the transverse short-range compression strength was measured, divided by the quantitative, and converted into the transverse short-range compression index.

Part Two: Corrugated Paperboard

The product standard of corrugated board for external packaging is GB/ t6544-2008 corrugated board. The test items include: thickness, side pressure strength, breaking strength, bonding strength, delivery moisture and warping.Among them, the delivery of moisture with corrugated paper.

1. Thickness

The measurement is made according to GB/T 6547.

2. Marginal Pressure Stength

The sample size is 25mm x 100mm, The measurement is made according to GB/T6546.

3. Bursting Strength

The measurement is made according to GB/T 6545.

4. Adhesive Strength

Measurement shall be made in accordance with appendix B of GB/T 6544, equivalent GB/T6548 "determination of adhesive strength of corrugated board", and the bond strength of any adhesive layer shall be no less than 400N/m.

Part Three: Corrugated Box

Transport packaging corrugated boxes are ordinary corrugated boxes, heavy corrugated boxes and export corrugated boxes.

The standard of ordinary corrugated carton products is GB/T 6543-2008 "single corrugated carton and double corrugated carton for transport packaging";The heavy corrugated box is GB/T 16717-2013 "packaging container heavy corrugated box";The export of corrugated carton is SN/T 0262-93 "code of inspection for export commodity transport packaging corrugated carton".Here the emphasis is on the most commonly used corrugated boxes.

National standard GB/T 6543-2008 stipulates that all the technical indicators of corrugated board used in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes shall conform to the provisions of GB/T6544. The cardboard strength of the sample taken after the box is allowed to be less than 10% of the standard specification, that is to say, the cardboard test items shall also be tested.In addition, rolling cap folding resistance and empty box compression also to be tested.

1. Shake Cover Folding

According to GB/T 6543 6.2.2 provisions of determination, will shake of corrugated box cover to the first 90 °, and then to 180 °, and then inward folds 180 °, reciprocating 5 times, testing its surface layer and layer for cracks.The surface layer shall be free from cracks, and the sum of cracks in the inner layer shall not be greater than 70mm.

2. Empty Case Compression

According to GB/4857.4 provisions, corrugated carton should be simulated actual transport status for sealing.

Conclusion: corrugated paper boxes are only one kind of corrugated paper boxes for transportation and packaging, as well as corrugated paper boxes for express packaging, corrugated paper boxes for cigarettes and corrugated paper boxes for cold chain transportation. Different USES and different requirements for corrugated paper boxes will be introduced in the following articles.



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