Box Compression Test

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Box Compression Testing 

Application of carton compression testing machine:

The compression testing machine can be applied to all kinds of packaging, carton compressive pressure, stacking strength test, the test results can be used as a stacking the finished packing factory highly important reference or design the important basis of packing cases.

Various units interconvert:

(1) each length, strength unit and display number are dynamically interchanged, and the strength unit T, Kg, N, KN, g, lb,

Length unit mm, cm, inch.

The graphic curve of the compression machine is diversified:

(1) the scale automatic optimization (AutoScale) enables the graph to be displayed at the best scale. And can be in the test real-time graph dynamic switch.

(2) curve diagram: stress - time curve, strain - time curve, intensity - time curve, force - deformation curve, stress-strain curve, etc., and multi-curve comparison.


How is the box compressive testing?

As a result of some conditions and environmental impact, many carton/box factories now check the pressure of cartons under normal temperature and humidity to assess whether the products meet the requirements. In fact, there are many users in the operation not how to regulate, or the carton design, manufacturing does not meet the requirements to be misleading to the carton supplier's assessment or to cause the carton packaging collapse loss?

1. Determine the safety and anti-pressure of the carton and the standard of the quality index of the rock.

The above two indexes can be obtained by the formula, and the determination of the index depends on the difference between the internal and external sales and storage period. Under special circumstances, if the carton is supported by contents, the appropriate pressure index value shall be determined according to the actual situation. The quality index of the rock shall be determined by the formula.

       1. Test pretreatment status:

Re-test the carton after 24h in the standard test state, so that the water content of the carton reaches the dynamic equilibrium state.

        2. Precautions for sample extraction:

1. During the trial production phase of new products, the sample printing and die-cutting process are about 5-20% different from non-printing and die-cutting, so the samples should be consistent with the status of batch products.

2. The sampling of bulk products should be in accordance with the principle of statistical probability. After years of practical experience, sampling samples should be extracted from different 3 packages to reduce the risk of miscalculation.

Iv. Result determination:

In the standard condition, the carton under pressure can be judged to be unqualified if a box force value is lower than the pressure indicator.


Carton request has the certain compressive strength, because after packing the goods in the process of shipping stacking in the lowest layer of the carton by the upper pressure, not to collapse, must have the appropriate compressive strength, compressive strength of the cartons with the following formula:

P = KW

In the formula, P-- carton compressive strength, N.

W-- weight after loading, N.

N -- the number of stacking layers.

K-- stacking safety factor.

The stacking layer number n is calculated according to the height H of the stack height and the height H of a single carton. N =H/ H.

The stacking safety factor is determined according to the number of layers of the cargo, and the national standard stipulates that:

The storage period is less than 30d and K=1.6.

The storage period is 30d-100d and K=1.65.

The storage period is greater than 100d and K=2.0.

2. Calculate the compressive strength of the carton according to the raw material.

After predetermined the compressive strength of the carton, we should choose the appropriate carton board and corrugated raw paper to produce corrugated box to avoid the waste caused by blind production.

According to the ring pressure strength of the original paper, there are many formulas for the compressive strength of the carton, but the more concise and practical is the kellicutt formula, which is suitable for estimating the compressive strength of the type 0201 carton.

Compliance with Standards:

ASTM D2659-11 Standard Test for Column Crush Properties of Blown Thermoplastic Containers

ASTM D642-00 (2010) Standard Test Method for Determining Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers, Components, and Unit Loads

ASTM D4577-05 (2010) Standard Test Method for Compression Resistance of a Container Under Constant Load

ASTM D4169-09 Standard Practice for Peformance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems

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