Box compression test methods

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Box Compression Test Methods

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Carton is the most widely used packaging products, according to different materials, corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc., a variety of models and models. Carton commonly used three, five, etc., the layers are divided into paper, corrugated paper, core paper, tissue paper, in the tissue paper tea board, kraft paper, paper with corrugated paper. Due to different manufacturers, all kinds of paper color and quality are not the same.

How does the carton box compression test method? There are many ways to detect cartons in the market, but the final test results are in line with international standards. Cartons in our life can be seen everywhere, the use of special, and some customer requirements are also high, need to meet customer requirements, for carton manufacturers, in the test box carton compressor is essential equipment, Haida equipment for senior engineer to introduce you to the carton compressor test method for your reference:

1. Carton box compression testing methods and testing procedures:

  • to determine the safety and pressure of cartons, pestle code quality standards, two indicators can be obtained by the formula, the indicators determined depending on the export and storage period vary,

  • such as the contents of the carton support, depending on the actual situation to determine the appropriate value of anti-pressure indicators, pestle code quality indicators must be determined by the formula.

2. Carton box compression test of the basic principles:

  •  the same paragraph box safety and pressure values and stacking quality values are equal, the lowest value of the sample pressure is not less than the value of safety and pressure;

  •  through the box compression tester 6 boxes of anti-pressure peak average to determine whether the stacking test is qualified.

3. Carton box compression test process and methods details:

through the empirical test data to understand the peak pressure deviation of the carton, under the standard atmospheric conditions: the handling, transportation, storage and other conditions under the same paragraph double corrugated box pressure peak maximum Max and the minimum Min deviation of about 28% Single corrugated box deviations of about 33%, remove the individual serious damage to the box.

  • Record the temperature and humidity of the test site.

  • Place the test sample in the center of the lower press plate in a predetermined state. Specific conditions of the test items, should install the necessary mold.

  • So that the two plates to do relative movement or moving on the plate, so that the pressure plate and the sample in contact. The load value is generally increased from small to large step by step, each loading a test of a package pressure conditions and detailed records, the maximum load value should not exceed the predetermined value. If the pressurized package has been deformed, crushed or dangerous if the intended value has not been reached, the test shall be terminated. It can also be pressed at a predetermined value for one time or until it is destroyed. When the load reaches a predetermined value, it is continued for a predetermined time and the change is observed.

  • Move the platen, remove the load, check the package.

4. Determine the mean value of the standard safety resistance:

  • 1, double corrugated box standard safety pressure of the average value of the value should generally be safe to the   pressure of 1.15 (15% higher than the safety pressure);

  • 2, single corrugated box standard safety and pressure of the average value of the safety pressure of 1.18, in the standard state of six samples of the carton against the peak pressure;

  • 3, to find the sample box carton peak value of the arithmetic mean, the sample carton against the peak pressure of the arithmetic mean is greater than the standard safety and pressure of the average, then the batch of cartons qualified, otherwise unqualified.

5. Detection of pretreatment status:

The carton in the standard test state pretreatment 24h (general carton users unconditionally to the authority of the fair test body test) after the re-test, so that the moisture content of the carton to a dynamic equilibrium.

6. Sample extraction Note:

  • 1, the new product trial stage, sampling sample printing, die-cutting process and non-printing, die-cutting strength difference of about 5-20%, it should make the sample and batch products to maintain the status of the same,

  • 2, the sampling of bulk products should be consistent with the principle of statistical probability, after years of practical experience, sampling samples should be extracted in the different 3 packages 6, can reduce the risk of miscarriage of justice.

7. Results :

In the standard state of the carton against the pressure if a box value is lower than the pressure index, you can determine the batch box failed,

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 what is the carton box compression test methods? The above mentioned carton compression test method would like to be able to help you.

Haida equipment can be customized according to your request, you are welcome to inquire carton compression testing machine prices, parameters and other related matters.



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