Working principle of universal material testing machine

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Universal materials testing machine is the modern electronic technology and the combination of the mechanical rotation technology, is give full play to the mechanical and electrical specialty of large precise instrument, can be of various materials on tensile, compression, bending, stripping, performance test, shear, etc, and has a wide measuring range, high precision, fast response, etc.Reliable and efficient, it can display, record and print the test data in real time.

Universal material testing machine is composed of measuring system, driving system, control system and computer (computer system tensile testing machine).

1. The measuring system of universal material testing machine

1. 1 Force measurement

The most common type of force sensor is strain gauge sensor.

1.2 Measurement of deformation

The deformation measurement device is used to measure the deformation of the sample during the test.

There are two chucks on the device, which are connected with the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measuring device through a series of transmission mechanisms. When the distance between the two chucks changes, the shaft of the photoelectric encoder will rotate, and the photoelectric encoder will have pulse signal output.The processor then processes the signal, resulting in the shape of the pattern.

1.3  Measurement of beam displacement

The principle is similar to deformation measurement, and the displacement of beam is obtained by measuring the output pulse number of photoelectric encoder.

2. Driving system of universal material testing machine

It is mainly applied to the movement of the beam of the test machine. Its working principle is that the motor is controlled by the servo system, and the motor drives the screw rod through a series of transmission mechanisms such as the reduction box, so as to control the movement of the beam.By changing the motor speed, the moving speed of the beam can be changed.

3. Control system of universal material testing machine

It refers to the system that controls the operation of the test machine. People can control the operation of the test machine through the operation platform, and the state of the test machine and various test parameters can be known through the display screen.The communication between the test machine and the computer is usually conducted by means of RS232 serial communication mode, which communicates through the COM port behind the computer. This technology is mature, reliable and easy to use.

4. computer

Used to collect and process analytical data.After entering the test interface, the computer will continuously collect various test data, draw the test curve in real time, and automatically calculate each experimental parameter and output report.



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