Working Principle Of Carton Compression Tester

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Working Principle Of Carton Compression Tester

Working Principle Of Carton Compression Tester

Production introduction:

Carton compression tester and carton compression testing machine, carton compressive strength testing machine, carton stacking test instrument is the test box or other container direct compression strength, is used to determine the carton compression capability, and can do the stacking test, the test results can be used as an important reference factory piled up the finished product packing height or is an important basis for the design of packing box.

The usage of production :

Between the carton compression tester will test sample in the test machine two parallel plate, and uniform pressure, recording the load and pressure plate displacement, rupture, or until the test sample load or clamp said reaches a predetermined value so far.

Working of principle:

Carton compression tester adopts DC motor drive system, the formation of pressure plate through the chain operation, high precision force sensor accurately reflect the specimen load conditions, test parameters acquisition system of microcomputer, the output display test results.

Testing standard:

Including but not limited: GB/T 4857.4,JIS-Z0212,TAPPI-804 ,ISO2872,NF H13-001,CNS 2236/3511.ISTA


Company introduction:

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