Why packaging products need Ista standard test

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Why packaging products need Ista standard test

Why packaging products need Ista standard test
In the daily logistics and transport, due to Means of transport or road transport reasons,goods will be impacted, lead to products packaging were damaged, at a time This requires packaging products, particularly cardboard boxes packaging quality standardized testing.
ISTA standard test series "Transport Packaging Testing (ISTA)", which aims to protect the goods reach their destinations safely. When your package design through the ISTA test, your packaging can achieve the target countries to ensure their use in all aspects of stability, environmental protection, recycling and other aspects of the indicators. You can be sure that the packaging can be under continuous transportation environment, the product has been effectively protected, and will not be factors in the foreseeable hazards.
ISTA standard series of test items for the transport packaging products for vibration tests (horizontal vibration test, the vertical vibration testing, frequency vibration test), environmental changes adaptability test (temperature and humidity test, thermal shock test), impact test (inclined plane crash tests , drop impact test, the level impact test), compression test (stacking test, deformation test, clamp hold test). Similarly, you can also follow the packaging ISTA, TAPPI, ISO, ASTM, EN and other standards for a range of packaging and paper test, then issued the test results of the corresponding mechanism admitted, and pastd the testing the packing and shipping testing labels.
ISTA procedure is packaging testing and certification of pioneer, has established more than 60 years, today it is still the industry leader.The agency released a series of standards and test procedures and test project file, as for transport packaging to evaluate the safety performance of the unity of the basis.



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