Why is the carton packaging so easy to damage in the transport

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Why is the carton packaging so easy to damage in the transport?


Carton packaging as a carrier carrying goods in the process of damage in this process is very normal, according to Haida testing equipment, cartons long, wide, high size and carton damage greater relationship. The size of the carton is generally based on the number of bottles to be installed and the bottle to determine the high. Box length is the number of bottles in the long direction × the diameter of the bottle, the box width is the number of bottles in the width direction × the diameter of the bottle, the box height is basically the bottle height. The four-sided perimeter of the box is equivalent to supporting the entire sidewall of the carton pressure load. The longer the circumference is, the higher the compressive strength is, but this increase is not proportional. If the four sides of the circumference is too large, that is, the number of bottles of the contents of more, Zhengxiang products gross weight on the carton requirements are high, need a higher compressive strength and bursting strength, to ensure the performance of cartons, otherwise , Carton is easier to break in the process of circulation and so on.


In the case of long and wide cartons, the height has a greater effect on the compressive strength of empty boxes. In the case of the four sides of the carton unchanged, with the height of the carton increases, the compressive strength decreases, a decrease of about 20%. This is one of the reasons that caused damage or destruction.


Carton Compression Testing Machine is a professional testing machine for testing the compressive properties of cartons, suitable for corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packaging parts of the pressure, deformation, stacking test. And take into account the plastic drum (edible oil, mineral water), paper drums, cartons, paper cans, container containers (IBC barrels) and other containers of compression test. Standard ISO 12048, GB / T 16491, GB / T 4857.4, ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, JIS Z0212.



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