What items need to be tested for cartons?

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What items need to be tested for cartons?

What items need to be tested for cartons?

     With its characteristics and environmental advantages, carton is widely used as the outer packaging of dry goods, and plays an important role in the transportation, storage and sales of goods. As the use of cartons becomes more and more widespread, it is more important to test the various properties of cartons. So what are the test standards for cartons?

—.the inspection items of the carton

1. Edge compression strength test: directly affects the support strength of corrugated boxes-corrugated boxes bear gravity mainly by the flute, and edge compression is the best way to assess flute strength


2. Bursting strength test: Affects the side support strength of corrugated cardboard boxes-corrugated cardboard box protection products. Bursting resistance is the maximum pressure value that the cardboard unit can withstand uniformly and increased. The test is to examine the ability of the carton to withstand static local extrusion in the actual transportation environment


3. Puncture strength test: the energy that the cardboard can withstand sudden external impact


4. Adhesive strength test: Insufficient adhesive strength can easily cause delamination, which greatly reduces the compressive strength of the carton


5. Thickness test: If the corrugated height loss is too large during the processing of the cardboard, such as die-cutting, that is, indentation, slotting or printing, it will be greatly reduced. The compressive strength of the carton, so maintaining the thickness of the corrugated cardboard should be an important part of the production process.

6. Compressive strength test: check the maximum pressure that the carton can withstand, the product protection strength of the carton packaging design, and check whether the carton can withstand the stacking weight;


7. Moisture content: refers to the moisture content in the corrugated base paper or cardboard, expressed as a percentage, the moisture content has a great influence on the strength of the carton box, and it is one of the three major defect inspection items for the carton. If the moisture content is too low, the paper will be too brittle, it will break easily when corrugated, and the folding resistance will be poor. If the moisture content of the corrugated paper is too large, the corrugated paper processed by the single-sided machine will be prone to curling, and it will be prone to blistering and degumming during laminating.

8. Folding resistance test of swing lid: It is a very important indicator in carton inspection, it can show the quality of carton very well.


二.Project testing standards

Sample pretreatment GB/T 6543-1986 SN/T 0262-1993

Appearance GB/T 6543-1986 SN/T 0262-1993

Size GB/T 6543-1986 SN/T 0262-1993

Fold-resistant flap GB/T6543-1998 SN/T 0262-1993

Thickness GB/T6547-1998

Bursting strength GB/T 6545-1998

Puncture strength GB/T 2679.7-2005

Edge compression strength GB/T6546-1998

Adhesive strength GB/T6548-1998

Compressive resistance of empty box GB/T6543-1998

Water content GB/T 462-2003

Moisture resistance GB 1109A-2000

Layered quantitative ISO3039:1975

Flat compressive strength GB/T 6980-1995



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