What is edge crush strength?

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What is edge crush strength?


As everyone knows, corrugated boxes are currently commonly used packaging methods, and the corrugated box test is of great significance to the entire transportation process. Poor quality of the carton will seriously affect the protection performance of the product. Under normal circumstances, the failure of a corrugated carton is generally reflected in crushing, dent, puncture, etc.

The compressive strength is the maximum pressure that the material can withstand after being compressed, it's also an important performance index of cardboard, which can reflect the comprehensive characteristics of the entire box-making process and the inherent strength quality of the carton. The excellent edge compression strength test can reflect&closely related to the overall compressive strength of the corrugated box.


So, what is edge crush strength?


Edge crush strength refers to the maximum force per unit length that the cardboard sample is subjected to increasing pressure along the corrugation direction until the sample is crushed.


HD-A514 paperboard edge compression crush tester can be used with a variety of packaging materials to perform a variety of paper and cardboard quality tests, such as edge crush test (ECT), ring crush test(RCT), flat crush test (FCT),  and Pin adhesion test(PAT) etc, it's test equipment that combines multiple functions in one.

This Crush tester meet many test standards of JIS-P8126, GBT 2679.6, GBT 2679.8, GBT 2679.8, GBT 2679.17, TAPPT-T472/T808/T810/T811/T818.



The research and testing of the compressive strength of paperboard is of great significance to improve the use performance of cartons, reduce the rate of logistics cargo damage, and reduce the consumption of raw materials.

Through the ECT tester, you can verify whether the cardboard toughness seen everywhere in our lives is strong enough to protect your products.



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