What is an edge crush test

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                                                                      What is an edge crush test---HAIDA

Edge pressure strength of cardboard is an important parameter to measure the quality of carton.Most of the paper box factories use the project as a mandatory project, which demonstrates the importance of this parameter.The test method and the calculation formula of edge compression strength are specified in this standard.


The edge compressive strength of the cardboard is expressed in N/m.The standard sample of 100X25mm is required to pressure the ring pressure variometer with the speed of 12.5mm/min to test the maximum strength of the crushing, and the maximum strength is the edge compressive strength.Sample preparation of edge compressive strength is very strict, especially for the parallelism of the short side of the sample.The edge pressure sampler is employed in the preparation of samples.In the process of test, standard sample with side pressure guide block sample vertical in the side of pressure meter test platform, is used to ensure that the sample and side pressure gauge plate vertically, up and down in the pressure gauge of fluctuation pressure plate after contact with the sample, can remove edge pressure on block, prevent at the end of the test, pressure meter of fluctuation pressure plate to press the edge guide block and killed.Impact subsequent tests.

The calculation results of edge pressure strength of cardboard are as follows:

                                                                                                              R =F *103 /L


R - vertical edge compressive strength (edge compressive strength), N/m.

F - maximum pressure (maximum strength during sample crushing), N;

L - the size of the long side of the specimen (the long side of the standard specimen), mm.




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