What are the requirements for the quality standards for cartons?

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What are the requirements for the quality standards for cartons?


Carton packaging multiple use, may be used in the packaging of products, to protect the product during distribution damage, easy storage and transportation, improve the appearance of the product, it is generally used in paper cartons. Carton can be said to be the most widely used is the most extensive packaging materials. Distinguished from packaging boxes, packing bags, packaging bags, plastic packaging boxes, cartons having easy material, light weight, easy to print, easy to design molding, low cost, etc., widely used in packaging and transportation of goods sales packaging.

What are the quality standards for cartons? Haida paper packaging testing equipment summed up the carton quality standards require the following:


1.double corrugated (5) per square grams weight and each layer of paper required: 1 layer (tissue) 175 g / ㎡ domestic kraft paper, grade A, 2/4 layer (layer corrugated) 100 g / ㎡ high corrugated, layer 3 (intermediate sandwich) 150 g / ㎡ domestic kraft paper, grade A, 5 layers (paper) in 150 g / ㎡ domestic kraft paper A grade.

2. the drop box test box is abnormal (carton is damaged or deformation, the product is damaged or deformation); visual inspection box vertical four edges (or surface) is bent.

3. the stack box testing method using the accessory, visual inspection of the bottom of the outer box is abnormal (deformation, cracking, bursting product cartons, sealing zone to pop-opens, damage to the product).

4. the flip cover is opened 270 degrees, the reciprocating three times less than visual inspection to cracking off 5CM acceptable.

5. the moisture content of corrugated cardboard 12% ± 4 (feel damp).

6. mark the first words and patterns clear and accurate, the same depth, the correct location.


7. according to box size face Zhang grammage: 60CM square less 300G; 60CM square above 350G. Color box printing should be clear and bright, consistent with the pattern.

8. the glue used for the starch binder.

9. cartons can not be nailed.


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