What Is The Drop Tester

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Drop Tester For Package,Box,Carton

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Drop tests are typically used to simulate the free fall of unpackaged/packaged products during transport and to investigate the ability of products to resist accidental shocks. Generally, the drop height is based on the weight of the product and the probability of falling, the surface should be a smooth, rigid surface made of concrete or steel (if special requirements should be determined by product specifications or customer test specifications).


For different international norms even if the product under the same weight but drop height is not the same, for handheld products (such as mobile phones, MP3 and so on most of the drop height between 100cm ~ 150cm, IEC for ≦2kg handheld product recommendations should meet the 100cm drop height is not damaged, Mil is recommended to drop the height of 122cm, Intel on handheld products (such as mobile phones) is recommended to drop the height of 150cm. The severity of the test depends on the height of the drop, the number of drops, and the direction of fall.


The drop tester is mainly used to evaluate the influence of the package on the drop impact in the actual transportation and loading and unloading process, and to evaluate the rationality of the impact strength and packaging design in the handling process of the package.


Drop Tester Classification:

Drop tester, also as drop test macine, the drop height: 300-1500mm, designed to test the damage of the product packaging to fall, and to assess the impact strength of the transport process. The two-column-oriented, high drop times can be set, the work is stable and reliable, can achieve edge, surface, angle fall, meet gb/t4857.5-92, iso2248-1972e. This machine adopts photoelectric control, can set seven-file drop height, also can choose the drop height freely, the drop release uses the electromagnetism control, can make the specimen momentarily to drop freely, carries on the drop impact test to the packing container, angle, plane. 

Drop Tester Category: single arm drop tester, double arm drop tester,zero drop tester.


Drop Tester Characteristics:

The drop tester can be a free drop test on the surface, angle and edge of the package, equipped with digital display altimeter and high tracking with decoder, which can accurately give the product drop height, and the preset drop height error not exceeding 2% or 10mm. This machine adopts single arm double column structure, with electric reset, electric control drop and electric lifting device: easy to use; Unique hydraulic buffer device greatly improve the machine life, stability and safety single arm settings, can be conveniently placed products, drop angle impact surface and floor plane angle error is less than equal to 5.

Drop Tester Application:

Drop tester used for package,box,carton...etc with astm,ce,iso,ista,jis,en,and other test standards.



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