Warm as you - Haida Family

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Warm as you - Haida Family

Haida's corporate culture requires the support and construction of all our employees.

We have a diligent work spirit and attitude to support the development of the company.



When the customer urgently needed machine, our engineers and the logistics department will catch up with the customer as much as possible after working overtime. Thank you for your contribution!


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When the customer needs on-site service or the machine received by the customer has problems, our strong and diligent after-sales service team, whether it is overseas or near the same city, all are dedicated to customer service!


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In addition, thanks to the company for organizing a variety of activities, whether it is a holiday gift or a weekend trip.The progress of corporate culture is not only based on hard work, but also work and rest!

After a day of hard work, we can still enjoy the company's activities to arrange a popular movie for us!

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In the hot summer,Let us enjoy the coolness of the mountains and rivers.Record our day trip to Qingyuan Longtengxia. Do you think that boat drifting stimulation?


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Every year, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival. Have you tasted such a rich food on this day?


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Mid-Autumn Festival Lunar August 15th, that is the best time to get together, it is a great honor to taste the chef'sdelicious food!

The profound corporate culture reflects the company's strong strength.At present, our Haida branch is also rapidly expanding the whole of China.

In addition to Guangdong, Xiamen, Kunshan, Changsha, Chongqing and other branches, this year our new plant in Hunan is officially started,Our Chairman Haitao-Hu visited the Hunan factory production base and made a new plan for it. looking forward to the completion of the new factory!


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We are not just a corporate company, but also a big family. Corporate culture development, thanks to all the family members!



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