Universal Testing Machine

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Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine


What is a universal material testing machine?

Simply put, it is an instrument equipped with different fixtures to test the mechanical properties of materials such as stretching, peeling, tearing, and extraction. Its main components are sensors, ball screws, servo motors, fixtures and controllers.

So why is it called "universal material testing machine"?

Because this machine has a very wide range of applications, involving various materials in various industries such as rubber, plastics, textiles, chemicals, steel wires, hoses, wires and cables, plastics, and pipes.

Different tests can be done with different fixtures

Let’s show our fixtures according to the three tests.

1-Tensile test

There are many types of fixtures for tensile testing, which can be customized according to the sample material, etc. The aluminum plane fixture is the most commonly used and most conventional one.


2-Compression test

The upper and lower two pressure plates are combined into a compression fixture.


3- bend test

The bending clamp has a three-point bending resistance and a four-point bending resistance. The figure shows the three-point bending resistance, which is also the more frequently used one in the bending test.


Next, share an interesting test-Real Apple compression test

I think doing testing is a very interesting process. Perhaps what you are doing is a wonderful thing that you have not thought about before, or even couldn't believe or discovered, that can arouse your curiosity.


The test software is our self-developed motive force software. We can view the test results, force value, time and elongation, etc. through the data chart. What test results we want can be added according to the standard according to the requirements.




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