Two methods of ISTA test

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Two methods of ISTA test

ISTA has two tests - performance tests: the test results are evaluated by pass or fail, and are used to determine the suitability of the package for normal transport.

   Development Test: is the relative performance used to compare two or more package designs or different designs from different vendors.


ISTA Test Series - A test plan that is grouped together is called a series. Testing includes developing a specific test from non-simulation of transport environmental hazards to general simulation or rough simulation, to comprehensive collection of field data.


Programs and Projects - Most ISTA trials are called projects because they have proven to be effective and their testing methods are rarely changed. The new test, called the project, will be closely observed in the first year of its completion and will be modified. ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) is an international non-profit organization. Its predecessor is NSTA - National Security Transportation Association. Currently, there are hundreds of well-known freight companies and members around the world. laboratory. It has been working to assist members in developing effective packaging, methods, logistics systems, etc., to improve the safety of transportation and packaging of products, thereby preventing or reducing the loss of products during transportation and handling. The organization has published a series of standards as well as documents such as test procedures and test items as a basis for evaluating the safety performance of transport packaging. Haida International Equipment can provide a range of ista packaging testing machine and quality assessment services, we can also offer you one-step lab testing solution.


ISTA testing



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