The use of vacuum sealing performance tester in flexible packaging

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The use of vacuum sealing performance tester in flexible packaging

The vacuum sealing performance tester is a new type of intelligent instrument that our company researches and develops according to relevant national standards and adopts modern mechanical design concepts and computer processing technology for careful and reasonable design. It is suitable for the sealing test of flexible packaging parts in the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.


The vacuum sealing performance tester is easy to operate, the instrument shape design is unique and novel, easy to observe the experimental results, microcomputer control, liquid crystal display, PVC operation panel, digital preset test vacuum degree and vacuum holding time, imported pneumatic components, automatic constant pressure compensation, and automatic end of the test , Automatic blowback unloading.

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Seal quality leak detection, package integrity test, micro-leak detection, bag leak detection, blister package detection, bottle/container detection, CO2 leak detection.

1. Food industry: soft bag packaging: bagged milk powder, cheese, coffee bars/bags, moon cakes, seasoning bags, snack foods, tea bags, bagged rice, potato chips, pastries, puffed food, Tetra Pak, wet tissues, Sunflower seeds····Food bags of any shape, material, and size. Semi-rigid packaging: cold fresh meat, fruit and vegetable salad, trays, soft cans, yogurt, ketchup, barreled potato chips (snacks), jelly... any shape, any material, any size of semi-rigid packaging. Rigid packaging: canned milk powder, beverage bottles, oil drums, cans, barreled biscuits, coffee bottles, cans, seasoning bottles... any shape, any material, any size of hard packaging.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: airtight containers: vials, ampoules, syringes, oral liquids, sterile bags, infusion bags/bottles, water injections, powder injections, BFS bottles, API bottles, BPC bottles, FFS bottles, etc. Any shape, any Material, airtight container of any size. Blister packaging: samples of powder, tablets, capsules, contact lenses, etc. in the form of blister packaging. Small headspace packaging: packaging for granules, small-dose powders and other small headspace packaging.

3. Others: Tyvek, aluminum foil, eye drops, etc



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