The importance of color to the use of the product packaging

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The importance of color to the use of the product packaging

Color contrast is entirely because a pattern needs to be contrasted by different colors and the performance of a way only, but this pigment is the composition of the entire packaging elements essential elements, some patterns, or even different colors clever combination. Therefore, in the study of packaging design process, if you do not pay attention to grasp the color and color of their own contrast, it is impossible to talk about the design of a good packaging to the pattern.

The ink decolorization tester is used to detect the abrasion resistance of the printing ink layer. The dry or wet standard friction paper is wrapped in a friction hammer to reciprocate the surface of the specimen with the specified pressure, friction stroke and speed to determine the degree of contamination of the friction paper and the degree of fluff or abrasion of the specimen. GB 7706, ASTM D5264, TAPPI T830, JIS K5701



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