The cartons compressive testing machine maintenance method and protection measures

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The cartons compressive testing machine maintenance method and protection measures

The cartons compressive testing machine maintenance method and protection measures

Carton compressive tester are corrugated boxes and other packaging products with compressive strength test and stacking strength test performance testing of basic instruments, is the commercial, food industry, research institutes, packaging containers supervision department of the ideal testing equipment, get More and more testing departments, agencies of the recognition and use, now the most basic maintenance precautions are listed below:

Carton compressive tester maintenance methods:
1. Operators should be familiar with the operating instructions, and strictly abide by the operating procedures
2. Keep the testing machine working environment clean and sanitary
3. Test machine failure, should ask professionals to check troubleshooting, do not run sick
4. Adhere to the cycle test, to maintain excellent technical state machine. Test cycle is generally one year
5. From time to time on the testing machine moving parts of the intermittent oil lubrication
6. Replace the paper roll or ribbon when the paper roll is empty or if it is not clear
7. Two drive screw must pay attention to maintain proper lubrication, lubricating oil with 50 mechanical oil, fuel to be open when the two column openings at the dust cover, with a brush brushing to the oil does not flow down For the degree.
8. Transmission chain should be timely refueling, lubricating oil with 50 mechanical oil, refueling test machine can be tilted back to base on Yang, with a brush dipped in oil brushing the bottom of the chain in the base, the oil should not be too much , Not to flow down for the degree.

Carton compressive tester protection measures:
1. Monitoring and control software pressure value overload protection system
2. Automatic power - off locking transmission protection
3. The sensor pressure value automatically reset to zero display
4. The test is automatically returned to its original position
5. Preset test speed and return speed



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