Testing of paper and cardboard bursting strength

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Testing of paper and cardboard bursting strength
    Paper and cardboard bursting strength test (GB / T6545-1998 "corrugated cardboard bursting strength of determination")
    Bursting refers to paper or cardboard can bear on the basis of a uniform increase of the maximum pressure, in kPa.
    Determination of bursting simple, widely used in the production of the determination. It is an important performance indicator cardboard, wrapping paper and sack paper's. Bursting with fiber length and fiber bonding related to fiber length and high bonding strength of its paper bursting strength is also high. Mechanical handling and beating degree of the slurry directly affect the binding force of the average length of the fibers and pulp fibers, freeness increase, the increase in resistance to bursting, but beating too high, so that the anti-bursting strength decreases. Bursting paper is a comprehensive reflection of the strength of many properties, it tensile strength, elongation, tear strength are mutually influential.
    (1) bursting strength, when the sample is broken, the value of the liquid crystal display screen is bursting,
    (2) burst index, divided by the bursting strength quantitatively determined to kPa · m2 / g expressed. Arithmetic mean value of all measured values of the results, and report the maximum and minimum values. The results take two significant figures.
Testing equipment are: bursting strength tester (two kinds of sub-resistant paper and cardboard bursting broken




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