Sunshine mentality-Haida activity

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Sunshine mentality-Haida activity

In just over two months, We have participated in various kinds of training in Haida.This is a place where you can learn and grow. 

Our company sent us to Honolulu Island for a training named - Sunshine mentality, Happy work


Firstly, Coach Huang gathered people at Haida at Shayao Pier and arranged for boats to send us  to the island. After the completion of the whole package within the required time, the activity began.


Item 1: Ice-breaking Game - Malay Blossom

Malay flowers, Malay flowers, are not afraid of the wind and rain. How many flowers you would like to open? When coach Huang random number, we have to join hands to form a group. After a few minutes of small games, we are familiar with each other.

Haida tensile tester


Item 2: Encouraging the hearts and minds of the people

Everyone had to tighten the rope, collapse the drum, and calculate in five minutes how many balls had been played.


We can only play four or five balls at the beginning of practice. After that, by observing the practice methods of the other two groups, and constantly practicing andlearn experience, 42 good results were achieved in the formal competition. In the second match, 67 points were scored.

Haida Culture 

Sometimes, direction is more important than effort. If you are busy aimlessly, you might as well stop to think, summarize, and try again after finding the right direction, which is much better than being a thinker without thinking.


Item 3: Evolution

From eggs to cocks, roosters to phoenix, Phoenix to people, play the figure-guessing game with the one who is the same level as you. If you win, you evolve. Otherwise, you degenerate. Keep guessing and finally evolve into adults.



In work and life, there are always ups and downs. Few people can evolve from eggs to adults at one time. Most of them are constantly changing in the roles of eggs, chickens and phoenix. Above all, they don't give up the idea of becoming human. Grow up in frustration and never give up. Eventually, there will be the day when you become human.


Item 4: Landing on the beach

Using six oil drums and some bamboo poles and ropes to make a boat as fast as possible, swim to the other side, get the team flag, and finally release the boat into raw materials.


Through this training, I gained a lot. I hope we can create a sunny working environment. In our actual work and life , we can stay positive, cherish life, work happily and enjoy every day.




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