Sports are free-life is more brilliant!

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Sports are free-life is more brilliant!

Sports are free, life is more brilliant!

Haida Instruments May 22


Do you often sit for a long time, do you often talk about losing weight but can't stop it,do you have too much work to exercise?

Don't panic, Haida Instruments sincerely invites you to go to the night run rally, and the editor will take you to victory!


Haida Instruments is a big family with more than 300 people. In order to pay attention to the health of employees, advocate a sunny and active working lifestyle, and show the company's "healthy and sunny" spirit, the company organized this collective night run.


It’s indispensable to take a group photo before you leave. The smiles of the people watching the house look like sunset


The preparation work is very sufficient. These are the handsome guys from our security team. Are they very imposing?



Haida has always been committed to the production and manufacture of testing instruments. In order to give back to the society, a volunteer service team was established at a very early time. This time they also joined this big event.


Through the development of this night run, the physical quality of the company's team and employees has been further strengthened, and a good mental outlook and vitality have been established for the development of daily work.



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