R & D cutting sharpness tester

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Cutting sharpness tester is high-end special test equipment for testing knife sharpness. Our company --HAIDA is the first domestic manufacturer to make this device. The product conforms to the ENISO8442-5 design standards. Originally, we manufactured this equipment mainly due to the market demand and hope to complete our kitchen series products. 
However, we met many different difficulties in the process, assembly was the biggest one. In order to change this situation, we improved our design and got success, which greatly reduced the requirements on the installation. In addition, we not only modified the design, but also added new technology. We set up the pneumatic fixture and laser line positioning, which made the whole operation become more convenient and more accurate. Meanwhile, the paper verticality and friction could meet our operation requirement more easily. This is our highlight comparing with other suppliers. At present, the products have been on the market, the use condition is also excellent.



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