Packaging Test Standard With ISTA

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The purpose and significance of the existence of packaging test is to improve the reliability of the cargo packaging, let people know whether the product packaging can achieve the desired effect. It’s test includes many aspects, including packaging transportation test (ISTA), box structure, paper, environmental protection (hazardous substances, recycling) and other aspects, and there are different international regulatory bodies and standards.


The most common type of packaging test is the packaging transportation test (ISTA), which is designed to protect the product from reaching its destination safely. In fact, packaging transportation, distribution and packaging processing is a huge and complex process, and a huge number of different forms. The simulation test in the laboratory will be a simple, quick, effective and low cost method to evaluate the performance of package protection design in actual use conditions. The tested packaging can guarantee the use stability, environmental protection, recycling and other indicators.


Purpose of packaging test:

It greatly reduces the chance of product damage during transportation due to packaging problems;

Reduce overall production costs;

Reduce and eliminate claims disputes;

Shorten packaging development time;

Improve customer confidence;

To make the packaging more environmentally friendly, in line with national laws and regulations, and to improve the image of corporate social responsibility.


Registered laboratory

By seeking help from the ISTA registered packaging testing laboratory, the manufacturer can conduct a series of packaging and paper tests in accordance with ISTA, TAPPI, ISO, ASTM, EN and other standards. Upon passing the test, a transport test certification label will be affixed to the transport personnel to prove that the packaging has passed the industry-recognized pre-transport laboratory test.



The International Safe Transit Association(ISTA), an association of professionals and institutions, is the authoritative organization for international packaging transportation. ISTA is dedicated to the development, design, and cost-benefit evaluation of protective transport packages. When your packaging design passes the ISTA test, you can be sure that the packaging can be effectively protected in a continuous shipping environment and will not be harmed by foreseeable factors.

ISTA is a pioneer in packaging testing and certification, which has been in existence for more than 60 years, and is still the industry leader today. ISTA members include shippers responsible for producing and transporting products, carriers responsible for shipping, corporate organizations that provide packaging materials and services, and packaging testing laboratories. The agency issued a series of standards and documents such as test procedures and test projects as a unified basis for assessing the safety performance of transport packages.

(ISTA is not the only organization related to packaging and transportation management, but a representative one. Through the laboratory authorized by this institution, relevant testing technology reaches the world's leading level)


ISTA procedure authorization

The laboratory authorized by this authority can conduct a series of packaging and paper tests in accordance with ISTA, TAPPI, ISO, ASTM, EN and other standards, issue the test results recognized by the corresponding agency, and affix the packaging transportation test label.

Testing without registration or authorization, the results are for reference only and do not have the validity of the corresponding certification


ISTA test standards include:

ISTA A series standard,

ISTA B series standard,

ISTA C series standard,

ISTA D series standard,

ISTA E series standard,

ISTA F series standard.


Simulation vibration test:

Road trailer simulation,

Air simulation,

Shipping simulation.


Paper test item:

Gram weight,


Bursting strength,

Puncture resistance,

Tear resistance,

Tensile strength,

Tensile strength of paper and board after immersion,

Marginal pressure strength,

Moisture content - oven drying,

Flat crush,

Ring crush,

Printed materials wear-resistant (Sutherland process),

Water imbibition.



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