Operation specification for drop tester

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Operation Specification For Drop Tester

In fact, whether it is a single-column drop tester, a double column drop tester, or a zero drop tester, they are basically the same in the operation flow of the drop test. The testing process is based on the relevant requirements to test the test samples.

Drop Tester Operating Specifications:

1, Wiring: The random power cord connected to the three-phase power supply and grounding, the control box and the test machine is also used randomly;

The connecting line is connected according to the plug adapter, and the test runs up/down command. (If the test run when the rise of the key to run down or press the decline of the key but run up the situation, just in the power supply to exchange the number of phase;

2, Drop height adjustment:

3. Put the measured object on the worktable surface and fix it with a fixed rod;

4. Press the rising key to elevate the measured object to the set height;

5, press the drop key to make the work table instantaneous out of the object being measured, the object is the free fall movement;

6, press the reset key to make the worktable resume working condition;

7. Repeat the above steps if the test is repeated;

8, after the test: press the lower key to make the work table to the lowest position to close the power supply key.

Drop Tester Operating  Standards:




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