Methods of measuring the weight of paper and cardboard

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Methods of measuring the weight of paper and cardboard

 With the October 2016 a new round of base paper tide prices, many cardboard, carton factory finally could not carry, and have prices. The weight of paper for cardboard, carton plant has become particularly important. Today, we say how to see the weight of the paper.

    Paper weight test is called the square area of the paper, the weight of the weight of the paper need to use quantitative sampler and electronic balance.With quantitative sampler in paper cutting out 10, 100 square centimeters round of paper, on the electronic balance according to the weight of each sample after averaging, this result is 100 square centimeters of base paper gram, according to the results to calculate the base paper of gram per square metre.

     Cardboard, the market there are three common corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard five, and cardboard is from the face paper, core paper, at the end of paper through the adhesive together, the relative weight of paper detection board is relatively more complex. The disc sampler / edge press was likewise cut into 10 sheets of 100 square centimeters of cardboard, and the average weight of each sample was weighed on an electronic balance. If only the weight of the test cardboard, the test method is similar with the paper method, but the paperboard is composed of multi-layer base paper adhesion, so we first have to separate the base paper. The most common method is to cut the cardboard soaked in a container filled with boiling water inside, the adhesive will melt into the water, the base paper can be separated gradually. Next, each layer of paper was placed in an oven at 100 ° C for 10 minutes, followed by weight.

     The weight of the base paper not only related to product quality, in this period of crazy prices greatly affect the rear of the manufacturing costs. In this period of market turmoil, for the cardboard factory, carton factory, as also, base paper; defeat also, base paper.

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