Mainstream Packaging Transport Materials

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The Outer Packing

Packaging is one of the effective methods to protect fragile from damage. Usually requires a fragile packaging should have the compressive strength and puncture strength, can protect the fragile under normal conditions of transport and warehousing pallet in good condition. The most typical and the most commonly used is fragile packaging corrugated carton. Part of the big and heavy fragile using honeycomb cardboard boxes, part of the lighter or itself high compressive strength of glass products, such as empty cans, etc., in the use of pallet, the winding film packaging instead of corrugated carton, no matter what kind of packing fragile thing, should be in the top left corner, four sides of the label with the words "fragile" and the corresponding design.

Corrugated Carton

Corrugated carton usage is the largest transport packaging container. Common fragile packaging with corrugated carton is made from three layers or five layers corrugated board. Corrugated cardboard have A, B, C, E four type, type A, B, C stare blankly corrugated board can make fragile outer packing with carton. The difference is that type A stare blankly is higher, is more sparse, the compressive strength is low, low B stare blankly, relatively dense, high compressive strength, C type between the two. Choice of different type or different layers of cardboard cartons, mainly on the basis of the importance of the built-in objects and counter pressure strength requirements.

Ever since China transportation condition is relatively backward, rough handling is often happened, the domestic demand for five layer corrugated carton is larger, accounts for about 70%. But in recent years as the improvement of China's transportation conditions, the application of 3 layer corrugated carton ratio increased year by year. And with the change of the sales way, a lot of fragile packaging transportation to sales packaging. The design of the corrugated carton is more and more complex, the quality of the printing decoration is becoming more and more high, many have openly on the supermarket sales.

Honeycomb Cardboard Boxes

Honeycomb cardboard is made from the honeycomb cardboard box container. Honeycomb cardboard qualitative light, compression, bending, shear strength is high, has the good performance of vibration isolation buffer, with the honeycomb cardboard as the main materials of packing have three. One is composite packing. Outer box using puncture ability fiberboard or three-ply board, middle of honeycomb paperboard core, internal use of straw board glue; Second, the whole honeycomb cardboard packaging boxes. Third, inner lining packing boxes, corrugated box as the case body, the upper and lower walls of the box with honeycomb board as the liner, with strong shock resistance, pressure resistance, thermal insulation, puncture resistance.

Compared with the traditional corrugated cardboard boxes, the mechanical properties of honeycomb cardboard boxes are better. For example, after damaging falling, weight piling and actual rolling, experiments show that the damage rate of fragile articles inside the honeycomb cardboard boxes is reduced by 50% ~ 97% compared with corrugated boxes. The weight of 600 kg on the empty box is not deformed for three months, and no polystyrene liner is needed. With specifications of the corrugated carton weight ratio as 2:5, can save paper by 60% for the popularization and application of the carton, will be to reduce the flow of goods in the process of the damage rate, improve the quality of packaging products play a positive role. Especially for high value of jade carving, handicraft, honeycomb carton is the best choice. However, because of the honeycomb cardboard production process is relatively complex, especially not currently automation system box, so limited in application, it is mainly used for small batch, large volume and weight are fragile on the package.


Palletized gradually as the packing and shipping, plastic winding stretch film growing popularity as a means of transport packaging. Sales of the fragile packaging stacking on the tray, intertwined with thin film form a whole, can be reduced packaging, corrugated carton, reduce packaging costs. Winding stretch back to shrink film, based on linear low density polyethylene as the main raw material, by using extrusion blow film or tape casting production. It has a lot of tensile elongation and the performance of the retraction, elongation can be as high as 500%. The pallet wrap packaging, is have the aid of wrap film stretching after retraction force will wrap packaging products, forming a compact, does not occupy a space. Unit whole, make the product and pallet wrap closely together, can prevent the product to be mixed and move in the process of transportation effectively.

In recent years, the wrapping film is developing rapidly. It is very suitable for bulk cargo pallet packaging, this kind of tray and forklift with the combination of "centralized handling method, not only reduce the transportation cost, improve the efficiency of the logistics, also because the film has the good transparency, make packing beautiful and easy and easy to identify object inside the bag items, reduce the error distribution. The disadvantage of wrapping film is its compressive strength, weak ability to resist Pierce, used by certain restrictions, especially on the fragile packaging, usually only applies to those who have the sales package, lower turnover, and the goods itself is lighter or high compressive strength of commodity in itself.

Lining Board

Lining board is by far the most popular form of internal packaging, usually is the use of corrugated board through cross each other to form a mesh structure, on the size match the packaging carton. According to the outside shape, to cutting of corrugated plate, and then card in it. The item from the plate making, cutting and packing, whole process can be done through the mechanized operation, very suitable for large quantities of product packaging.

The use of corrugated lining as the internal packaging can provide good commodity fixation performance, avoid the collision between fragile products, and reduce the rate of breakage. Moreover, the corrugated production material is consistent with corrugated carton material, which is conducive to unified recycling and meets the environmental protection needs, and the cost is also very low.

With the goods at the bottom of the box body stress due to the larger, damage risk is bigger also. Usually in the bottom to add a layer of corrugated boards, to enhance the buffer performance. On the market at present, there is made of plastic plate. It USES a high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), extrusion or extrusion molding, low cost, bending, impact resistance, no pollution, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, moistureproof and waterproof, and other advantages, can solve the beer bottles, ceramic in bulk handling may encounter in the process of isolation layer packaging problems. Compared with the corrugated board, plastic partitions are more suitable for the trend of mechanization of stacking yards and shelving in storage management, will be more and more widely used.

Foam Plastics and Their Substitutes

As traditional cushion packaging material, foam plastic has good cushioning properties and the vibration absorption performance, with light weight, good protection performance, the advantages of the wide adaptability, widely used in the packaging of fragile. Especially the foamed plastics can be according to the product shape prefabricated into relevant buffer module, application is very convenient. Polystyrene foam plastic was once the most main cushion packaging material. However, due to the expanded polystyrene use traditional damage of atmospheric ozone layer foaming agent, freon do add volume of foam plastic waste, recycling difficult, gradually replaced by other environmental buffer materials.

Now instead of polystyrene foam plastics are mainly foamed PP, honeycomb cardboard, paper pulp molding product categories, etc. The foamed PP do not use freon, has a lot of similar to the expanded polystyrene buffer performance, it belongs to the soft foam material, can through the bond of complex structure, is a type of the new buffer material application prospect is very good. The honeycomb cardboard, with large bearing force, good buffer, it is not easy deformation, high strength, accord with environmental protection, low cost, etc. It can replace foamed plastics prefabrication into various shapes and suitable for mass use of fragile packaging, especially the large or relatively heavy fragile packaging.

Pulp molding products, also can partly replace foamed polystyrene packaging materials. It mainly engaged in paper or other natural plant fiber as raw material, pulping, shaped by moulding and drying, according to the product of fragile appearance, weight, design a specific geometric cavity structure to meet the requirements of the product. This product has good adsorption, waste, biodegradable, and stackable storage, greatly reduce the storage space transport. But its resilience difference, shockproof performance is weak, does not apply to large or heavy fragile packaging.

Air Cushion Film

Air cushion film, also known as bubble film. It is the use of special methods between two layers of plastic film seal in the air, make continuous evenly between film formed bubbles. Bubbles has the shapes such as round, semicircle, bell shape. Air bubble film for light items can provide very good protection effect, as soft cushion material, bubble film can be cut into various specifications, packaging can be almost any shape or size of the product. When using air cushion film, to use layers to ensure that the product (including corners and edges) complete protection.



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