Learning in a cardboard box

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Learning in a cardboard box

Learning in a cardboard box

In our daily life, the cardboard box is an important tool that we cannot live without.From takeaway food packaging boxes, to all kinds of clothing shoes and socks packaging, need to use cartons.How about the quality of the cartons?And that's what we need to do with this instrument that I'm going to introduce to you today, the MIT folding tester.

Function Introduction:

The HD-A519 MIT folding tester is suitable for the bending test of paper and metal sheet, and suitable for papermaking, packaging materials and thin metal plate industries. The two ends of the test piece are fixed on the machine and the lower clamp, and the upper clamp is applied to the required load to make the test piece bear certain tension. The ower clamp bends to the left and right sides until the test piece is broken, and the bending times are recorded.


Improvement and optimization:

1. Improved accuracy of force value -- The old machine adopted the structure of lever and steel wire for testing, but the error was too large. The new machine replaced the structure of optical axis and spring, which greatly reduced the friction resistance, made the test data more accurate, and effectively reduced the error;

2. New function of printer -- the old machine has no printing function, but the new machine can automatically calculate and print test results;

3. New variable-frequency governor -- the old machine has no speed regulation function. The new machine adds variable-frequency governor to make the speed adjustable, to distinguish the slow speed back to the origin from the fast speed;

4. Replace the button operation with touch screen operation -- the old machine USES the button operation, which is inconvenient to use, so the new machine USES touch screen operation to remove the button, which is more beautiful and more convenient;

5. Appearance upgrade -- the original appearance is bulky with insufficient aesthetics, and the new appearance is small and beautiful




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