It's not easy production process of package clamp test machine

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          Package clamp test machine is used to simulate clip to car, loading and unloading of packaging are two splint clamping force on the package and the impact of the goods, package clamp strength assessment.Recently our company independent research and development of new type of clamp apparatus.New clamp holding machine using a combination of the ball screw and servo motor, environmental protection, efficient, more intuitive and accurate testing data.
         In the process of research and development, our company's technical personnel in order to solve the hydraulic type clamp device problem caused by easy to leak, constantly do try on one hand, on the other hand constantly with the customer.Customers can draw lessons from the tensile machine structure is put forward.Finally we used the ball screw and servo motor.New clamp holding instrument in the test process on both sides of the plywood synchronized, output stable and controllable.So that it can well solve the hydraulic clamp holding machine problem caused by oil spill and still can make a position offset test objects are less, it is concluded that more accurate data more intuitive.According to the customer's feedback at the same time, our company is a new type of instrument supporting installed intelligent data control system.In the testing process, holding the instrument can according to the predetermined value, real-time monitoring and adjustments.No like other suppliers of hydraulic type clamp holding machine operators need immediate operation in the test.



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