ISTA Packaging Certification

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Certification program - transport test program

ISTA procedure ® transportation test procedures, if properly applied, can:

 Significantly reduce breakage

 Reduce costs reasonably

 Improve customer satisfaction

The transport test program includes package certification, laboratory certification and professional certification. The ultimate goal of the program is to reduce costs, eliminate packaging, and make transportation costs reasonable.

ISTA certification provides recognition of compliance with a certain standard or requirement and meets the requirements of all parties involved.

As part of the certification process, ISTA provides certification for packaging, testing laboratories, and packaging professionals.

Package certification

For a shipper member, the shipping package has successfully passed the ISTA program or project testing at the ISTA certification lab, and the package can be certified for transportation testing. The laboratory completed the report form and submitted it to ISTA headquarters for review and approval. If the product producer is a member of the ISTA shipper type, the transport test certification mark can be printed on the outer package of the package.

Package certification ISTA procedure ® certification marks the use of help:

produce packaging that can properly withstand shock, vibration, pressure and/or climate hazards in a transport environment.

reduce or eliminate multiple trial shipments and ensure new products enter the market faster and more intact.

strengthen your company's advantage in the claim negotiation, as the ISTA certification proves the adequacy of the package, so urge the carrier and the compensation inspector to look for other causes of damage and to solve the problem or accept the solution at a faster pace, reducing claims and claims processing costs.

customer satisfaction: customers will be satisfied once their products are in the best condition when they arrive. It doesn't lose customers.

as the risk of transportation damage is reduced, the cost of transportation insurance and cargo insurance can also be negotiated.

How to conduct packaging certification:

If the ISTA shipper type member's transport package is tested and successfully passed according to an existing ISTA test procedure or project in the laboratory certified by ISTA, it is likely to obtain the transport test certification.

After completing the report form, the laboratory will submit it to the ISTA headquarters for review and approval. The manufacturer of the product is a member of the ISTA shipper type so that the shipping test certification mark can be obtained and printed on the packaging of the package being inspected. And ISTA will send the shipper a letter of certification.

The transportation test certification mark on the package can directly prove to the transporter and customer that a certain package has passed the industry-recognized pre-transportation laboratory test, and ISTA has reviewed the test report results and conducted the safety transportation certification of the package within the designated damage range.

All company can according to ISTA procedure ® test procedure test packaging. But only the ISTA procedure member within the limits prescribed by the manufacturer license to obtain certification, and printing on the packaging or paste ® transportation test certification marks. Non-member companies cannot be certified.

ISTA procedure ® certification marks that your company is committed to the best packaging. Although this certification does not automatically guarantee payment of your claims, it puts you in a good position to have third-party certification when there is a dispute between the carrier or other parties involved in the transport of your product. Even if you have never been involved in a dispute or dispute, this certification of testing and reporting processes (which only members can enjoy) gives you great confidence in the results of shipping.

Since ISTA truly became an international organization, membership and certification laboratories have been in more than 30 countries, and the recognition of the effectiveness of procedures has been widely enhanced.

Testing laboratory certification

It is a highly recognized professional certification of transport packaging, which ensures that the equipment in the laboratory is appropriate and can be tested for ISTA packaging performance.

Only ISTA members can obtain the certification, which requires completing a series of equipment certification forms and making video clips. In general, re-certification is carried out every two years, and it is also required if the laboratory is relocated or the equipment is reset.



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