How to test the safety of the chair

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In our daily work as office furniture, office chair is indispensable the importance of a lot of people seem to think it even more than a desk, sitting in the office chair, office staff life over 60000 hours, so frequent contact office chair, you for its security risks exist and solution and to know how much?

Today let small make up take you to see together!

It is estimated that an office worker will spend at least 60,000 hours in their office chair in their working life.

The State Administration for Market Regulation recently released the latest results of the national supervision and sampling inspection of office chairs, 90 enterprises in 11 provinces and cities, of 90 batches of products, 21 batches of products were unqualified, the batch unqualified detection rate was 23.3%.

Among them, office swivel chair quality problems are relatively more unqualified office chair, either the base is broken, or the casters fall off, there is formaldehyde exceeding the standard, and even there is the risk of explosion.


How to differentiate the quality safety of office chair?


Focusing on

01. Check the load-bearing capacity of the backrest

The back of the office chair is what we should pay attention to. We can first sit on it to feel its load-bearing capacity and stability. If we sit on it, it feels very wobbly and should fall down at any time, then such a chair must be of poor quality.

See the height of armrest of office chair additionally is equal, the armrest that is not equal can bring uncomfortable feeling to the person.

02. Check chassis and casters

Some businesses use bad materials to make chairs, making them rather unstable.

Adjust the lifting system of the office chair next or tilt to adjust, see whether smooth.

03, check the small details of hardware accessories

The tightness of hardware connection is the key to determine the stability of the office chair. If the hardware connection is not tight, loose, or less screws, etc., then this kind of office chair will be very shaky and may even collapse for a long time, which is a great safety hazard.

So factory manufacturers before the sale of office chairs, need to do a series of tests to ensure the safety of office chairs, xiaobian today for everyone to recommend a one-step chair comprehensive test instrument.

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