How to measure the compression of cartons

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How to measure the compression of cartons

How to measure the compression of cartons

     A few days ago met a customer use department colleagues, when talking about cartons to do compression testing should be done with sealing tape sealing test or do the test directly, many customers have bought equipment, and some equipment even with a very For a long time, many are based on customer orders for the purchase of equipment, the understanding of the test equipment is not very understanding.

    The purpose of testing equipment is to test the quality of the product, whether qualified, all testing tests are derived from life, and some even more stringent results than the daily test to be much higher. Make a very simple example, loaded with oil cartons.

    Edible oil manufacturers in the warehouse inside the cooking oil loaded in the carton waiting for shipping, cartons are piled layer, usually 6 layers, the bottom of the carton to carry the weight of the top 5 boxes, some weeks or even several weeks Month, this is the compression in the carton stacking test - with the rated power to the carton holding pressure after a certain period of time will not see the deformation of the carton. Carton in the daily good products are also sealed tape, and at this stage most of the customers to do carton compression test is the maximum crushing force carton, carton box after sealing compression test will be done by the overall force. Some cartons loaded products because of their specificity, to be placed in different environments, such as cold fresh food, some of these cartons placed in low temperature conditions, that carton with the general requirements of the compression requirements of a lot of strict conditions.

    Carton compression testing is based on the characteristics of the product, according to different conditions will also have some differences. Carton compression testing machine is the most direct test equipment to check the compressive strength of carton or other packaging containers, used to determine the compressive capacity of the carton, and can do holding pressure stacking test, the test results can be used as factory stacked product packaging Height of the important reference or an important basis for the design of the box.

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