How to chose a suitable mattress for your family?

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How to chose a suitable mattress for your family?

How to chose a suitable matress for your family?

That to consumer character when buying mattess, must try to lie on mattess 10 minutes above, such you can judge basically the soft hard degree of mattess whether suit you.

Try sleeping on your back and on your side. Test the back of your neck, waist and knees with your hands.If there is no spare place, but the hand can reach in relatively easily, it means that the hardness is moderate.If there is no spare place and the hand is hard to reach in, it is soft;

If a bit is too much, it is too hard.

For the manufacturer, how to win the trust of the customer, how to show the soft and hard moderate?It is data ability explains everything undoubtedly, how can you get a group of reliable mattress performance data then?The data that mattess needs to measure has a lot of again, soft degree, wear-resisting degree, rebound rate is waited a moment.Small make up for you to recommend a step in place can test the mattress performance of the instrument.

HD - rolling tester F764 mattress 3 in 1 is to simulate human sleep mattress in the continuous rolling and design of the testing equipment, rolling the durability is to use a rolling load modules loaded parts under horizontal mattress, rolling at a certain frequency, the mattress reciprocating loading, to test the mattress on long-term repeatability of rolling load to bear ability, soft hard paving test is to test the hardness of mattess, meet the requirements of all kinds of mattress manufacturer and standard.

The person is on soft hard moderate mattess only, ability achieves the effect that the body relaxes, ability makes whole body is on same plane.

To mattess this kind accompanies us the furniture with the longest time, want rigorous and rigorous to the requirement of mattess again just can.

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