How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Drop Test Of Corrugated Box Transport Package

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How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Drop Test Of Corrugated Box Transport Package

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In the process of circulation, the transport package will experience the harm of fall or drop impact, and this is the most direct and intuitive transport damage caused by the breakage of transport package. Corrugated box(carton,packages) is one of the most important forms of packaging, in order to avoid the corrugated box transport package suffered serious logistics hazards, before entering the circulation should ensure that it has a certain resistance to fall or drop impact performance.


In general, a drop test is used to detect the impact resistance of corrugated box transport packages. Fall or drop is the most direct and brutal factor in all transportation hazards, and also the key factor that leads to product damage and failure. Therefore, the effective drop test can help to design or improve the product and packaging, and effectively solve the product breakage problem and reduce the packaging cost.


In addition, ASTM d5487-98 standards provide for the use of impact testing machines to simulate the drop standard test method for loaded packages. The test method is of low maneuverability in practical use, and it needs to know the characteristic information of a large number of packages, such as the natural frequency of the package parts. However, with the increasing attention of many enterprises to product packaging, packaging design also needs to realize the data, therefore, this test method will be the future development direction of the transport packaging parts detection method.



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