How Does The Burst Strength Tester Work

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How Does The Burst Strength Tester Work

How does the burst strength tester work?

Paper burst strength tester is an internationally-used Mullen-type instrument, which is widely used in packaging materials. Burst strength test machine is mainly used to measure various paperboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated paperboard. It can also be used for non-paper materials such as silk and cotton. Test for burst strength. As long as the material is placed, it is automatically detected, automatic test, automatic oil pressure return and automatic calculation, storage test data, printing, digital display of the instrument and automatic printing of test results and data processing. ISO 2759 "Cardboard bursting degree" Determination, and GB/T1539 "Cardboard Determination" standard.

Working principle

A constant velocity fluid force is applied to the sample to be tested through an elastic diaphragm. The sample is initially flat and clamped with a certain pressure, but the center has a certain cross-sectional area and can be arbitrarily raised with the elastic diaphragm. , to determine the maximum pressure it can withstand, this value includes the pressure required to stretch the diaphragm in the test. The pressure measured by the instrument using this principle is the burst strength of the test sample.

Paper burst strength meet but not limited following the standard

ISO2759 "Determination of the bursting resistance of cardboard"

QB/T1057 Paper and Cardboard Burst Resistance Meter

burst test machine



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