Heal The World

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Heal The World

Heal The World


"Heal The World" is a masterpiece of the pop king Michael Jackson. When the familiar melody sounded, countless people's memories of the times were all recalled.

We are not growing old alone, but slowly growing old with our respective worlds. Happiness is to leave before the inextricable connection with the world is severed, and pain is to walk alone in a strange world. This world is inevitably full of birth, old age, sickness and death, but as long as it is outside of my world, it has nothing to do with me. The sorrow caused by the death of thousands of strangers in my heart is no more than the sigh of the beloved. Such a statement is indifferent and helpless, but it is not an exaggeration. No one is a compassionate Buddha, and we can only accommodate a small part of this world in our hearts.


The world we grow old with, of course, also includes these people who carry some of our feelings and memories. I have never missed someone specially. If I feel sad when I hear a certain song or see a certain passage, I will also miss the irretrievable years that have passed on me. After all, these people have never really entered my life, they just make my impression of a certain stage of life linger.


Sometimes, there are still some regrets in my heart. There are people like that who have lived with me on this planet. I listen to their songs, watch their performances, and read their words. However, there is never a chance to get to know them. Chen Ziang burst into tears when he climbed the secluded platform, just because "I didn't see the ancients before and I didn't see the people who came later." The open-minded Jiaxuan said, "If I don't hate the ancients, I won't see them. I hate the ancients and I won't see my crazy ears."


When I heard the news of Michael's death before, my first thought was that in "Heal The World", Michael Jackson was so eager to make this world a better place. But now: The world is still here, uncured, but Michael is gone.

Let us work hard together and heal the world!



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