Haida Reading Club

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Haida Reading Club

I used to listen to what many people in my hometown said about the usefulness of reading. It seems that it can not bring you a lot of wealth in the short term, and can not be used as food to stop hunger. So where are the functions of many books? The highly praised answer is this: We insist on reading, even if we finally fall into cumbersomeness and wash away the lead, the same work has different moods, the same family has different moods, the same The descendants of the family have different qualities.

To this end, Haida held the first employee reading sharing day, reading a good book every month, so that you can enjoy life well in the busy work, in this now a heart-rending society can harvest a quiet. This month's book-recommended book is "Sweeping the Road" written by Konanza Saburo. Let's take a look at how cleaning can change the country of Japan.


Haida International Reading Club Opens


Mrs Zhong shared her reading experiences


Reading Team Discuession

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